Friday, August 28, 2015

25 Facts About Me

I always wanted to wear glasses. My mom thought I was crazy! 

My ideal day would consist of sitting in a coffee shop on a rainy day, writing in my journal or typing a new story I'm working on, listening to music, hanging out with friends and exploring a small town/taking pictures and documenting the whole thing. 

I have this desire to be a director someday, even if only just for one project. I love shooting, scouting locations and coming up with a clear vision for whatever I'm working on. 

My favorite place to be is around a campfire with family and friends, telling stories and roasting marshmallows. That's also my favorite scent! I really am a nature girl. 

I always wanted a 'full house,' and for all of my family to live together. Or maybe I just wanted an Uncle Jesse. I think if I met the cast of Full House, my life would almost be complete! 


LeAnn Rimes is the reason I got into country music years ago. I would watch her Disney Channel concert over and over again, doing everything just as she did when I would perform the concert for my family. 

I first visited Nashville when I was 16-years-old, and I believe that trip changed the course of my life. It was just the beginning of how I found my passion and calling, and where I really belong. 

I always wanted to attend FIDM (Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising) after Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen filmed one of their videos there. In another life, I would totally want to be a fashion designer. 

I've always loved stories. More than just reading books or even writing my own, I would listen to my grandma as she'd tell me all about my mom, aunt and uncle growing up as we went through family photo albums or she'd read me stories out of magazines, like "Reminisce" with memories of older times.  Storytelling was always around me, and I think that's the main reason that I wanted to tell my own and others as I got older. 

I finally held my first baby when my cousin and her son visited last month! 

I don't think high school is the best four years of your life. College was definitely my favorite experience ever! 

I hope to have my own column in a magazine someday! (and hopefully about music)

At one time, I was in LA and saw the Jonas Brothers leaving for the Grammy Awards. I waved to Nick Jonas and he gave me the peace sign and asked how we were doing. I literally had no words and said nothing. It wasn't until a few years later (after buying a VIP package) that I was able to meet him officially and get a picture with him. Talk about missed opportunity, folks! And sometimes the thing that comes after isn't always for the better. 

I dream of a land where it is always fall and there are lots of coffee shops and bookstores. Basically I want my life to be an episode of Gilmore Girls. 

Right now, the wallpaper on my phone is of Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift making shocked faces right before they went onstage at Staples Center. 

I always wanted a Border Collie and would name him Luke. But, now I have a lab named Rory. Funny how life works, isn't it?

I have a very hard time being social and going out. I don't know...That's just how I am. It isn't that I don't like people or don't have friends. But, yeah...

When I'm bored, I watch YouTube videos from my some of my faves, like Nikki Philippi, MollyAnne14 and others. 

A hobby of mine is writing fiction stories. I rarely finish one completely, and I also never really let anyone else read them. I think I've only let one of my good friends, Marisel, give them a peek. She says I'm her favorite author. Ha! 

I saw Lisa Kudrow sing "Smelly Cat" as Phoebe Buffay with Taylor Swift and so my life is almost complete. 

When I was in first grade, I chipped my front tooth! My dad and I were playing tag in the grocery store and I tripped over his foot. Oops!

I absolutely love hiking! I wish I had a chance to go more often and visit new places. Walking to the Hollywood Sign was such a wonderful experience for me and spending time with my dad. 

I'm kind of obsessed with Hallmark movies. 

Because I'm an only child, I absolutely adore my friends and love having big family get togethers. It makes my heart very happy. 

Tom Hanks and Colin Farrell sang "Happy Birthday" to me and Orlando Bloom rolled down his window and shouted it through the window last year when I turned 22 - They were on their way to the Golden Globes. This year, Matt Bomer rolled down his window and instead of saying thank you back, I started to say happy birthday back to him. His beauty was kind of mesmerizing. 

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